Main Objectives of Athak Foundation are Education, Health, Environment and Human Resource Development.


  1. To improve educational level of under privileged children in govt. schools, children from economically week section of society, rag picker children
  2. To improve the infrastructural facilities in under developed govt. schools.
  3. To ensure the clean drinking water, clean toilets and clean & ventilated classrooms for children.
  4. To conduct some recreational and motivational activities among children, through books, slides and movies.
  5. To Develop Human values, sprite of togetherness, respect & love for each other, respect & love for our country and awareness about our duties.
  6. Running our project ‘Meri Pustak Meri Mitr’



  1. Main focus is to improve sanitation & Hygiene and its impact on our Health.
  2. To aware people about how to maintain health though natural way or how to maintain wellness.
  3. To aware people in lower section of society about govt. health schemes and health insurance.
  4. Organizing Health Camp in different areas.



  1. Awareness activities among school children and mass public for environment protection
  2. Tree plantation on road side with proper iron tree-guards, plantation in govt. premises, school campus etc. (mainly medicinal, fruit and flowering plants).
  3. To aware rural farmers about bio fertilizers, bio pesticides and to promote them about benefits of organic farming.
  4. Try to restrict Govt. bodies for dumping garbage and sewage in rivers beds and assist them in developing waste management system.
  5. To mobilize local police for stopping pressure horn and conduct pollution check for heavy vehicles.
  6. Take actions to protect water bed from industrial pollution and to restore underground water.


Human Resource Development

  1. To provide technical and skill developing facilities for youth.
  2. To aware people that how to maintain their health and be productive all the time in their job.
  3. Career building activities.
  4. To organize various safety activities like road safety activities and awareness camp, fire safety training, disaster mitigation/management training and measures in schools and rural areas.
  5. Organize talent improving activities and youth festivals.